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Olympic Games Project Update #1 - 26/03/2024

Where is the data?

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Where is the data?

To be able to have some basic operations on the backend, or at least to start to design the backend project I needed to know how is my data is going to be. I was searching over the internet for APIs for the Olympics Games, tried to find how it was in the previous games, but didn’t find any real information about it.

I was checking a few of payed-api websites which announced they will provide API for the Olympics Games, unfortunately they sell only for enterprise and not for a solo user. I even wrote them an email maybe there is something that can be arrange and they send me to their smaller company that do selling for individual people, After all that they sent me back to the big company. I tried to register to the Olympics Games Official Data to be able to get any information from them, but until now I didn’t got any response.

Behind The Scenes

I tried to dig a bit more in the source code of the Official website to find any clue or something about the APIs. I did find some but nothing that related to the real live events and the results. I did find some placeholders as its seems for the live events but should wait and see, hopefully it wont be too late or too hard to find and use it.

What now?

As I can see it the only things I can do now to have some progress with the project is first design the UI and how I want it to be, select the technologies I want to use, or the ones that is right to use in this kind of system. I can’t see any progress I can do in the backend besides some of generic APIs, maybe arrangement of the database. Still have things to do, I hope the next update will be with some mockup of the UI